Save 40% 24 Inch TV Black Friday 2022 UK & Cyber Monday Deals

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Save 40% 24 Inch TV Black Friday 2022 UK & Cyber Monday Deals – All the best Black Friday TV sales for 2022 have already begun, with Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon all offering excellent discounts. A wide selection of 4K, OLED, and QLED TVs are currently on sale for as low as $79.99.

Some of the best early offers at this year’s Black Friday sales bonanza are on televisions. The 65-inch LG C2 OLED TV, for example, is now only $1,296 at Amazon, representing a price cut of $300 from its previous low (opens in new tab). This LG 55-inch 4K TV is on sale for just $298(opens in new tab) at Walmart, while smart TVs start at just $79.99 at Best Buy (opens in new tab).

For the best Black Friday TV discounts, it’s usually better to wait until the week following Black Friday. These are already steep reductions, but the finest TV bargains often sell out in a matter of minutes, so if you see something you want, don’t hesitate to buy it now. Listed below are the top-rated Black Friday television sales currently on the market. (We also found the top soundbar sales on Black Friday.)

Which retailer offers the best price on a television set on Black Friday depends on the model you’re looking for. Best Buy is where to go for the best Black Friday TV deals, especially on our go-to brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony. Meanwhile, Walmart has been having great success with sales of more reasonably priced brands like Hisense and Onn. Amazon frequently attempts to match the prices of both Best Buy and Walmart, so if you have a preferred retailer, you should still shop around and see what you can save.

24 Inch TV Black Friday 2022

Don’t get sucked into the marketing bluster of every store; remember, Black Friday TV deals are meant to raise enthusiasm around sales. Knowing what features you should expect, what extras you may desire, and reading up on reviews to get a feel for what’s good or bad about various models are the foundations of buying a decent TV on sale.

24 Inch TV Black Friday

Read the small print before you commit to anything. Some inexpensive televisions (those costing $100 or less) exist, however they all have serious drawbacks. Compared to the 65-inch devices that we often analyse, 32-inch models are very modest. (If you’re not sure what size TV is perfect for your living room, have a look at our buying guide.)

Most either don’t have any sort of smart features at all, or they use cheap, generic software with an extremely restricted app store. But the biggest trap is low resolution, with some Black Friday deals only offering 720p instead of full HD. Expect none of the smart features or 4K panels we see in the best TVs, even though you may find some listed for less than $100.

Keep an eye out for refurbished and open-box products, too. These can be a great way to save money, but they have already seen some use and may not have the same level of protection under warranty as a brand new model. During the rest of the year, refurbished products are a good method to save money, but as we approach the holidays, new items provide the best prices.

The old adage goes something like, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” There are certain Black Friday TV deals that aren’t as good as they seem.

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5 new from £144.00
9 used from £109.81
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4 used from £137.99
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2 new from £129.99
1 used from £126.12
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2 new from £139.99
1 used from £139.99
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3 new from £159.99
6 used from £132.02
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8 new from £145.00
8 used from £129.90
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2 new from £129.99
7 used from £117.15
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