Synology Black Friday 2022 UK & Cyber Monday Deals

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Synology Black Friday 2022 UK & Cyber Monday Deals – The finest Black Friday deals on Synology NAS in 2019 are discussed below. NAS devices made by Synology are rarely discounted. After the Amazon Prime Day sales earlier this year, this is the greatest time to buy a Synology NAS. Here are some of 2022’s top Black Friday bargains on Synology NAS.

Black Friday 2022 is arrived and another year has passed. You read that correctly; now is the perfect time of year to get a high-quality NAS device at a discount.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching and writing about how great NAS devices are. They are quickly gaining favour among consumers and enterprises alike as a secure alternative to public cloud storage.

We’ve finally come to a point of disagreement! The DS1621+ is compatible with ECC memory, and the Ryzen processor improves performance in all areas. What’s more, you have the option of increasing the storage capacity to 32GB, which isn’t achievable on any of the other devices we’ve considered. The device’s power source is built right in (which is generally higher quality).

As a whole, the DS1621+ represents a significant improvement over the DS220+/720+/420+ in terms of processing power and memory. In addition, the PCIe extension bay supports 10GbE upgrades, which is not the case with the other, smaller bay options. Having the fewest total drive bays, this one is the “best” option if we’re only considering hardware. The only drawback is that inexpensive devices will have higher video hardware transcoding performance if they use an Intel processor.

This desktop NAS is the “most powerful” option for consumers and prosumers. While the DS1621+ and DS1821+ don’t come equipped with 10GbE out of the box, you may get this feature for a fair price as an add-on. Unless you absolutely “need to have the best,” and don’t want a rack-mounted model, this isn’t the one to get.

Synology Black Friday 2022

When it comes to network attached storage (NAS), these are the top Black Friday 2022 offers on Synology. These gadgets are extremely infrequently discounted, so if you don’t get one today, you could have to wait until Amazon’s Prime Day to get a good deal on one. According to my experience using and following the costs of these devices, today is the greatest day to get a Synology NAS device.

Synology Black Friday

The DS220J is a small 2-bay NAS that lacks fancy extras but is a great choice for those who only need something to store their data. Many people who are just getting started with NAS and don’t want to break the bank should go with this option.

It’s true that the DS220J has trouble handling numerous HD video streams, but the streamlined design of this NAS offers several advantages, the most evident being its low price.

When data redundancy is your only concern, this is an excellent option. This NAS is compact and unobtrusive, but its design is sleek and effective.

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39 new from £498.49
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21 new from £295.99
1 used from £292.04
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3 new from £252.99
2 used from £243.33
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15 new from £842.56
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25 new from £289.99
2 used from £266.79
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11 new from £234.49
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24 new from £88.99
3 used from £81.87
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18 new from £114.43
3 used from £114.58
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